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1. Bank Branch to Mobile: Southeast Asia's Payment Position

This week, Novatti takes a look into the payment behaviour and attitudes of the Southeast Asia region. Based on research by RFi Group, traditional bank branches still play an important role, yet mobile is increasingly being favoured for banking purposes in Indonesia. In Indonesia and Malaysia, 76% of bank customers own a mobile phone, and Thai bank customers are not far behind with 68% owning a mobile. So what are the attitudes towards mobile banking? The ease and convenience of mobile banking garner interest from retail banking customers. Research across the three countries surveyed shows mobile banking technology as being:

  • Easy (87% of respondents)
  • Quick (87% of respondents)
  • Convenient (82% of respondents)
However, small screens (64%) and hacking concerns (60%) remain an issue among the population.  There is stil Read More...