Novatti Channel Partner Application

Who we are

Novatti is technology business specialising in delivering platforms and solutions around payments, vouchers, and value distribution. Novatti is a domain specialist in payment and digital wallet technologies. For 18 years, Novatti has created and delivered innovative solutions for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 operators in real time payments applications such as digital wallets, SMS top-up, terminal based electronic recharge, voucher management, and electronic voucher distribution.

Novatti’s business streams include our custom development business, utilising our platform to deliver enterprise-grade mobile money, voucher, and remittance solutions, along with a vertical product platform (SaaS) called nConnect™ to manage and distribute vouchers. This is a gateway service designed for early stage or smaller businesses. Novatti’s

Novatti is an innovator offering an end-to-end solution for businesses wanting to leverage off mobile money, and vouchers, and tap into new payments opportunities and markets globally.

Our Channel Partners

Channel partners work closely with Novatti to respond to and proactively seek opportunities in geographical regions where our partners have a presence, networks, a good knowledge of how business is done both commercially and culturally, and also a sound understanding of the payment and mobile money industry. We have a range of relationships that span from reseller to partner and even principal, where our partners engage directly with the client, and we provide our platform to the partner as part of a broader solution.

The key features of CP’s we are seeking relationships with now are:

Established businesses with access to substantial opportunities and market channels or an ability to drive demand for Novatti’s products and services via Marketing efforts. We look for potential partners that meet the following criteria:

  • A software technology or system integrator business with clients in the mobile telecommunications, telecommunications services, banking, or a business engaged in enabling electronic or mobile commerce.
  • The partner will not directly compete in the target market with a similar product. The Novatti product should have a synergy with the existing offerings of the partner (e.g. same target market segment, product extension, implementation capability, consulting advice, etc.).
  • Professional business acumen and ability to engage prospects in their local area and develop business opportunities. That means a good balance of entrepreneurship and expertise in the payments space, and the ability to engage with opportunities both strategically and operationally. We expect potential partners to have an excellent relationship with their customers at senior executive levels.
  • A willingness to work with the Novatti Channel Partner Management Team to progress opportunities and provide visibility on progress. Simply, we need to know how things are progressing for our planning and resourcing of systems and staff.
  • A dedicated contact point with Novatti with a sound command of English both written and verbal. This will minimise confusion and allow us to build a relationship.
  • A commitment to our policies concerning ethics and corruption.
  • The sales resources to follow up and track opportunities in their region.
  • Undertake Local Area Marketing for your region. This includes attending industry events, including our products and logo on your website, including reciprocal links. Comments and contributions on our social media platforms.

Regions we are after resellers

  • Middle East/North Africa
  • Eastern Europe
  • Australia/AsiaPac
  • South America
  • United States


Novatti offers limited exclusivity on regions based on merit and successful track record for named or nominated accounts. However, this will not prevent certain existing global partners from competing with a local channel partner on specific accounts.


  • Novatti has a regular monthly conference call that is co-ordinated by us based on your time zone.
  • We co-ordinate an electronic direct mail and social media campaign series across the calendar year. We liaise with our partners for content.
  • Marketing Events and Activities

Technology Resources

  • Novatti has a team of pre and post sales engineers to assist in qualifying opportunities and also skills development.
  • Novatti offers its systems install based and via cloud based technologies (IBM Soft Layer and AWS).

Sales Process

The Sales Partner is to generate leads and respond to leads allocated from Novatti Sales Management. This will require the education and allocation of sales and marketing capability and pre-sales engineering capability. In the start-up mode, Novatti will need to work closely with the partner to support the build-up of capability.

The Sales Partner is responsible to follow-up sales leads in their country, whether Novatti or the Sales Partner originally identifies the leads. The Sales Partner conducts the full pre-sales cycle with on-site customer meetings and presentations. In the start-up mode, there may need to be some pre-sales attendances by Novatti technical team members who fly in to deliver presentations and answer specific questions on product performance, integration and implementation.

The Sales Partner is expected to “prime contract” bids and to include Novatti as the technology partner/provider, they should, therefore, have the financial capacity to bid, a high level of competitiveness, and a substantial track record of successes in selection decisions in the region or country.

Novatti provides the basic technical proposal outlines and financial costing details, along with the standard product brochures, slide presentations and detailed product descriptions for the Sales Partner.

Sales Partners normally operate on a transfer price from Novatti and control their customer price. If price discounting is required, then Novatti may request open book pricing to agree on a final customer price and terms, including the share arrangements for Novatti and the partner.

Project management of the implementation is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on Novatti’s involvement in the entire project scope. The Sales Partner is expected to provide technical resources for the implementation working with Novatti guidance.

The Sales Partner normally provides the level two support remotely or with on-site attendance (after product training and accreditation). Novatti normally provides Level three maintenance and support remotely to the installed software. Novatti works with Sales Partners to ensure the specific support requirements of the customer are identified and satisfied.

The Sales Partner provides active and targeted account management for the current account with agreed sales targets and regular reports.


Melbourne Australia (HQ) +61 3 9011 8490
Madrid, Spain (European office)
Kuala Lumpur, Malasia (Asia Pac)