Flexepin Cash Voucher launched via Payment Source in Canada

March 14th, 2016

MELBOURNE, Australia – March 14th, 2016 – Suppliers of a new PIN-based digital voucher system, which is set to transform online payments, have commenced commercial operations with Canada’s largest payment service provider. Flexewallet Pty Ltd, the operator of the Flexepin brand, has established an agreement with Payment Source Inc. (“Payment Source”) to supply Flexepin cash vouchers in its outlets across Canada, including gas stations and local shops.

This agreement allows customers to pay with cash in a retail outlet and purchase a 16-digit PIN number that can be used to make secure payments online at a multitude of online retailers.

“Partnering with Flexewallet provides Canadians with a secure and convenient alternative to making online purchases,” comments George DeMarchi, President of Payment Source. “Flexewallet’s availability in Canada helps Payment Source expand its differentiated suite of products and services to our other retail partners locally and aboard,” DeMarchi also stated.

Flexewallet CEO, and founder of the Novatti Group (ASX:NOV), Peter Cook, said, “We’re delighted to have this deal with Payment Source to provide a fantastic platform for Flexepin across Canada”.

“It gives us a springboard from which to launch into other territories where cash vouchers are an attractive proposition to millions of consumers looking for privacy and security in their online transactions. Furthermore, online retailers are always faced with ever-increasing fees and charges and we can provide them with a cost-effective alternative” he added.

Using Flexepin reduces the threat of online fraud, as no sensitive financial information is ever requested when topping up accounts. A recent Kaspersky Lab study has found that 62 per cent of internet users fear financial fraud when completing a transaction online. Unlike payment cards there are no chargebacks for merchants with Flexepin.

Flexepin vouchers are now available at more than 15,000 convenient locations in Australia and Canada and growing daily. Flexepin vouchers can also be bought online. Plans for additional global distribution of Flexepin are currently being implemented.

About Payment Source Inc.

Payment Source provides prepaid mobile top-ups, gift cards and financial products and services to more than 15,000 retailers throughout Canada. Payment Source has the solution for every retail environment, including POS terminals, PC applications, mobile apps and integrated solutions. Through the proprietary Loadhub® network, Payment Source provides secure, real-time cash-load capability in every community across Canada. Loadhub is the best possible solution for customers of reloadable card programs, mobile wallets, and anyone else looking to load funds to an account or take one-time payments or collections.

About Flexepin

Flexepin is a product owned and operated by Flexewallet Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Novatti Group Ltd (ASX:NOV).  Novatti is an award-winning global financial software technology and systems integration provider that have been delivering innovative payment solutions to businesses across the globe since 1996. Novatti Group develops reliable and efficient products including Consumer Digital Wallets, Electronic Top Up, Mobile Money, Bill Payments, Remittance Services, Voucher Management Systems, Channel Management and Electronic Vouchers.

For more information, please contact:

Payment Source Inc.
Grace Caputo, General Manager
Telephone: +1 16 255 8897 ext. 226
Email: gcaputo@paymentsource.ca

Adel Shahin, Corporate Communications Mgr.
Telephone: +61 403 450 671
Email: adel.shahin@flexewallet.com

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