Novatti solutions are flexible and adaptable to enable aviation companies better understand and support their customers.

Digital Gift Cards

A digital gift card is a non-monetary gift redeemed online often by use of a computer or a mobile phone.

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Digital Wallet

A proven, robust and scalable electronic wallet solution for developed and developing markets.

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Electronic Value Distribution (EVD)

A simple, cost-effective means of distributing virtual vouchers for a variety of prepaid products.

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Mobile Ticketing or mTicketing is the act of purchasing, ordering and obtaining a ticket using mobile phones.

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Mobile Payment

Mobile banking is an innovative service that eliminates the use of cards and encourages a higher usage of mobile phones. It is quicker and more personally.

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eVoucher-based Loyalty

Loyalty programs based on eVouchers encourage consumers by engaging in marketing efforts that vary as business and customer needs evolve.

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