Novatti Celebrates Signing of ThePinsGroup

June 24th, 2014

Novatti, a global software technology and systems integration provider, is pleased to announce it has been selected by ThePinsGroup, Montreal, Canada based innovator of payment systems, to host multiple voucher distribution networks on one of Novatti’s innovative platforms, the Voucher Management System (VMS). The Novatti VMS is a unique system that encompasses the end to end lifecycle management of physical vouchers, from product creation and PIN generation through to the dealer distribution and redemption of the voucher.

ThePinsGroup offers innovative and robust voucher management and distribution networks that aim to disrupt the current model of the payments industry. ThePinsGroup will be using Novatti’s innovative technology to facilitate these networks across multiple industries:

  • PayWithPins, a fast and secure multi-currency payment method
  • PlayWithPins,  a worldwide distribution network of online gaming vouchers
  • BuyWithPins, a voucher management system designed for the group, buy industry
  • FundWithPins,  a worldwide distribution network for the purchase and redemption of vouchers
  • SendWithPins, an international voucher issuance and redemption network with free remittances for both senders and receivers, patent pending

The advantages to ThePinsGroup products include anonymity with payments, low risk of fraud and the access to a worldwide network.

“We were in need of a highly specialized and unit agnostic platform for our products, and Novatti was willing to customize a solution to meet our needs” said AMMAR AFIF, CEO of ThePinsGroup “We look forward to working with such a high calibre company as we grow our business.”

ThePinsGroup is an innovation leader in the payments market, and we are very pleased that our technology has been chosen as a platform for their products” Said Peter Cook, CEO of Novatti Pty. Ltd. “We expect great things from ThePinsGroup in the coming months and are honoured to be a part of it.”

The launch of Novatti’s VMS technology in ThePinsGroup Products is targeted to be the end of June. For more information on VMS and other Novatti solutions, visit

About Novatti Pty. Ltd

For 15 years, Novatti has created and delivered innovative payment solutions to a global base of Tier 1 and smaller service providers and start-ups. With our multi-services payments platform, Novatti enables telco, banking and alternative network service providers to extend their product portfolio – taking robust, integrated new payments services to market faster and more cost-effectively. With a defined roadmap for innovation, along with our deep domain knowledge, we help our customers take advantage of the rapidly-expanding marketplaces of mobile and unbanked users – as well as differentiating their services to acquire new customers and increase revenues from their existing base.

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