Tough Mudder 2012, Gosford, NSW

Date: 22 - 23 September, 2012
Location: Gosford, NSW
Link: http://

If a group of individuals (age no bar) who have mutual trust come together and willing to challenge their mental and physical strengths, they are called Tough Mudders (inspired from the tough mudder website).

And hence Team Novatti a.k.a Nimrods/6Pack participated in Tough Mudder 2012, Gosford, NSW for the fist time. Having undergone more than 6 months of rigorous training sessions, Nimrods successfully completed the circuit full of obstacles.

(L-R) Nimrods Dilanka Dharmawardena, Ian Huynh, Mark Maglaras, Kim Beveridge, Eugene Terentev, and David Temple

Before we provide you with a write up about Nimrod’s experience, why not get a background about Tough Mudder from the video below.

Sweating already? Read about Nimrod’s personal experience from Dilanka (one of the Nimord’s) before taking a shower by clicking here.

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