3 ways to disrupt Aid Payments & Disbursements!


Radical and Disruptive innovation are resulting in real and painful business disruption, and you don’t need to look far past what your taxi driver thinks of Uber and your next accommodation manager think of AirBnB. They are not happy.

Payment innovation is a world unto itself but is also in the throws of change (arguably) never before experienced. If you haven’t been following, the world of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, digital wallets, mobile money, and the like, I assure you it is as radical a revolution as we have ever seen, and it hits where we all hurt, our hip pocket. I would argue that it’s for the better, but that is yet to be seen as it has yet to play itself out.

One area that has stood without real innovation for way too long is how we get money into aid organisations, and how they, in turn, disburse that money to those in need. It is an inefficient and antiquated system that is filled with problems.

The problem ranges from how we give money to street beggars, knowing full well that a portion of it will not go to food and improving their situation, to that fact that even today in 2016, some well-meaning Not For Profits send money into countries for aid projects and disburse cash by hand which is prone to corruption and inefficiencies. In fact, one case I know personally puts $24,000 USD in a backpack monthly (in Asia) and a team member rides a motorbike into the mountains for days to get the money to its intended beneficiaries,..imagine the ‘leakage’ and corruption.. all this is easily solved.

Three ways tokenised payments can help charity and aid.

I believe we can do better on this; we have the technology, but the problem is that many of these NFP’s don’t have an understanding of payments, much less the resources to pay for what is technologically a small investment. There are also other challenges that need to be overcome. This includes the fact that payments need to operate across multiple countries which necessitates a hub type approach where any NFP can send it’s money to specific countries in a time of need and in a way that it can get to those in need. That’s tricky but not impossible, but certainly not the responsibility of one NFP or indeed one government to pay for.

Peter Christo

Peter Christo

General Manager - Startups

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