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Enjoy all the benefits of Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac. Using Apple Pay is simple, and it works with the devices you use every day. Your card information is secure because it isn’t stored on your device or shared when you pay. Paying in stores, apps, and on the web has never been easier, safer or more private.


How to pay using Touch ID

How to add a new card

How to pay using Face ID


You can pay with Apple Pay anywhere Visa cards are accepted, with your iPhone or Apple Watch. You can also pay with Apple Pay in-app and on the web wherever you see the Apple Pay icon or buy with Apple Pay displayed using your Visa pre-paid card on the Visa payment network.

Security and privacy are at the core of Apple Pay. Apple uses security features built-in to the hardware and software of your device to help protect your transactions. Apple doesn’t store or have access to your full card details, and these are never stored on your device or shared with merchants when you use Apple Pay. Merchants are only provided with your Device Account Number.


Each transaction is authorised by your Face ID, Touch ID or the device passcode and a confirmation is displayed in the Wallet. This shows the merchant name, where and when the transaction occurred and the amount of the payment or refund.


More information on Apple Pay security and privacy:

If your device has been lost or stolen, you can prevent unauthorised payments being made with your card on Apple Pay by:

– Remotely locking your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch using the Find My app service to mark as lost. The ability to make payments on the device is suspended when it is put in Lost Mode
– Permanently erasing all the data on your iPhone or iPad using the Find My app service. All your card information will be deleted from the device
– Placing a temporary block on your physical card via Novatti Customer Service
– Contacting Customer Care to report your physical card lost or stolen

Apple Pay is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac with Touch ID, Mac with an Apple Pay enabled iPhone or Apple Watch and the latest OS.


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No, there are no additional fees to add your card or use Apple Pay

To learn more about how to make secure payments and set up Apple Pay, you can visit the Apple Pay on

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