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Payments Ideas

Novatti can help you get your product to the market in a lean and agile way as an approved Visa Principal Partner and Issuer


Digital Payment Accelerator

Do you have a great payment idea that you want to transform into reality? We can provide :

stage 1 accelerator


Proof of concept

Test your idea or assumption, by getting access to our sandbox environment and APIs. Access the three essential components of a card program – the prepaid card, the card management platform and the mobile app.

stage 2 accelerator


Test and build

As ideas become more concrete, you can create a live prototype. We help you launch co-branded cards to select customers, partners or employees to test assumptions and refine your product.




Launch a full-fledged bespoke card program that is Visa certified. As Program Manager, we'll help you establish your offering from technical implementation to onboarding.

Secure and Compliant Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Provisional Patent

Following an extensive search of global patent registers, Novatti’s R&D team filed a provisional patent application No. 2021900385 with the IP Australia for a “Secure and compliant multi-cryptocurrency payment gateway”.

Payment gateways allow merchants to accept payment for the goods and services they provide. The core technology behind this provisional patent will provide consumers from participating crypto exchanges with an option to pay in their chosen, eligible cryptocurrency, while ensuring merchants receive the applicable fiat or cryptocurrency in return.

With the rapid rise of crypto and digital currencies in recent years, this R&D innovation ensures Novatti is exposed to any future growth within this market. Novatti drives this R&D with internal staff and senior academics and researchers from Victoria University.

Distributed Ledger Networks, Blockchain and Stable Tokens

Novatti has been a pioneer of the Stellar Distributed Ledger Network and a Stellar Anchor since 2017. Novatti is also a founding member of the IBM World Wire Network.

Novatti has developed remittance applications and more recently, a stable token tied to the Australian dollar.

Novatti's vision is to use the speed of the distributed ledger network to undertake global remittance payments in just a few seconds. We also see great value in offering secure ways of trading using stable tokens where the value of the token always remains the same.


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