Novatti x CSENS: Creating a more sustainable future with the world’s first green payment gateway

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CSENS on mission to create a more sustainable world


Founded in 2018, CSENS is a fintech company based in Byron Bay, New South Wales that aims to make a positive impact to the environment with every payment. Co-Founders Malcolm and Oliver Robertson started CSENS to bridge the gap between “enviro-social” responsibilities and economic outcomes.  


CSENS Pay, their flagship product, is a green payment gateway that provides merchants the opportunity to help save the planet with every transaction.


Novatti and CSENS bring together a green payment solution


After extensive research and testing, CSENS engaged Novatti to develop CSENS Pay, the world’s first enviro–social green payment system that would transform their vision into reality.


CSENS Pay is a two-fold solution which includes a ‘green’ payment gateway and branded Visa prepaid cards linked in the CSENS App.

Payment gateway


How it works is that merchants sign up and can choose the environmental project they wish to support. Every business transaction contributes to their chosen project. Merchants will be advertised on the CSENS App and attract new customers, earn additional income, and build brand loyalty.


Through Novatti’s omni-channel payment solutions, merchants with CSENS Pay’s green payment gateway will be able to accept payments in a variety of ways, including:


1. In-store with our cutting-edge POS terminals, including Novatti Tap to Pay.

2. Online via API or custom-hosted payment pages, including PayByLink and shopping cart integrations.

3. Traditional payment methods such as credit/debit cards and direct debit.

4. Alternate payments such as digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, WeChat Pay), payXcrypto and BNPL


Novatt’s very own payXcrypto solution will give CSENS merchants the ability to accept crypto payments and receive settlements in fiat, online and in-store. Popular Asian wallets such as AliPay and WeChat Pay will also be made available in-store and online.


By diversifying their payment acceptance, merchants can reach a wider customer base and be paid seamlessly in real-time. From a consumer perspective, access to alternate payment methods such as crypto enables more flexibility and accessibility while supporting positive environmental outcomes.


Branded Visa prepaid cards


Another component of Novatti’s offering is card issuing, which provides CSENS customers access to their own digital Visa cards through Google and Apple Pay, linked to the CSENS app.




First cab off the rank is CSENS Pay’s POS terminals, which was launched in April 2023 with testing on-site underway. 


Over the coming months, Novatti and CSENS will be implementing direct debit; shopping carts such as Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce; PayByLink; AliPay and WeChat Pay etc. Novatti will also run pilots for payXcrypto and Tap to Pay, which gives merchants the ability to accept payments with their Android devices.


In conjunction with merchant acquiring services, the CSENS Digital Visa cards are in development and are expected to launch in early 2024.



“Novatti has helped us to a pathway that can have an incredibly positive impact. It’s been exciting working with Novatti to expand the reach of CSENS. The team is made of payment experts that is enabling CSENS Pay to become an all-in-one payment solution for merchants and shoppers who want to make a difference for our planet.”  
Malcolm Robertson
CEO & Co-Founder of CSENS
“We are proud to be CSENS’ payment partner and help them forge a positive impact on the environment."
Kian Jackson
GM Merchant Acquiring, Novatti


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