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Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions contain important information about your participation in the survey conducted by Novatti PTY LTD – ACN 100 681 758 (hereon in referred to as “Novatti”).

You should read these terms and conditions carefully before answering any questions or commencing the survey.

Engagement of “Survey Monkey” (Momentive Inc., USA) as a carriage service

Novatti has retained the services of Survey Monkey – Momentive Inc., USA ( (hereinafter referred to as “Survey Monkey”) to host, collect, collate, and store the survey and its associated data. While Novatti has exercised due diligence in vetting Survey Monkey as a suitable solution for the purposes of this survey, Novatti has no affiliation with or responsibility for Survey Monkey’s actions.

By using the Survey Monkey service to participate in the survey, respondents agree to the terms of service, privacy policy, and other policies of Survey Monkey. Please visit for additional information about this documentation.

Acceptance of the following terms and conditions of use and participation

These terms govern your access to and participation in the survey.

By responding to any survey questions or initiating the Novatti survey, you agree irrevocably to be bound by these terms of participation.

These terms and conditions incorporate portions of Novatti’s Privacy Policy, which can be viewed here, as well as any other terms, conditions, notices, and disclaimers found throughout the Novatti website.

Survey Participation

You will receive an invitation to participate in the Novatti survey either directly from Novatti or through a 3rd party.

This invitation may be delivered via email, advertisement, or social media post.

To take part in the survey, you must click the link or URL provided in the invitation. This will direct you to a survey hosted via the service Survey Monkey, where you will be given the opportunity to participate in the survey published by Novatti.

The email address you provide to Novatti will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Your email address will not be made public or sold to a third party.

What happens to the information I provide?

Where a request to participate in the survey has not originated directly from Novatti, then it has been considered as commissioned by Novatti for distribution via a 3rd Party. In the 3rd party’s request for participation in the survey, that 3rd party has not provided Novatti with your information.

Novatti’s policy in the use of data collected in surveys is that Participants will be advised how the data will be used at the beginning of the survey, and that the data collected can be used for any purpose known to the Participant.

Quantitative data collected as a part of this survey may be later used at the discretion of Novatti for the purpose of publishing the results for reporting or illustrative purposes, with the option to monetize or receive financial gain for said results.

Qualitative data collected as a part of this survey will only be used for research, feedback, and review purposes only within Novatti.

Unless it is made explicitly clear prior to completing the survey, Respondents emails and individual responses will not be disclosed by Novatti. Novatti will only provide an email and/or individual responses where permission is explicitly given by the Respondent.

Quantitative Data

The survey is specifically designed to deliver the best information without compromising a Respondent’s anonymity. When you complete a survey, the information you provide will be processed and aggregated into a report to be provided and used by Novatti. Novatti produces the aggregate level report data by combining the answers of multiple Respondents across various demographic characteristics, to present overall perspectives and insights. In these cases, the results of the survey will be anonymous, using an appropriate sample size of respondents for each analysis.

Raw survey responses are exported from the Survey Monkey website and stored in Novatti secure system(s).

The survey responses collected by Novatti are stored in our database(s) and systems following conclusion of the survey, for three (3) years in line with Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (hereon in referred to as VCFLR) requirements. Please see the Giveaway and prizes portion of this document for more information.

Qualitative Data

Is defined as any “free text” elements (such as optional feedback, unlisted response options and so on), where Respondents can provide further information in their own words. Survey Respondents should note that these elements will be reported as they are written (i.e. unedited). Should a survey Respondent identify themself by name, writing style or otherwise, the Respondent will not remain anonymous.

Overall Information

Novatti may aggregate information gathered from the survey conducted and use this, together with other information known to Novatti, to perform industry benchmarking and comparisons for the benefit of ourselves and our customers. We may also use this information for research, marketing, publishing and/or selling. Novatti will always adhere to the policy of anonymity and will not disclose the identities of any organisation or individual in the use of the data.

Giveaway and prizes

In exchange for participating in the survey, Novatti agrees to award nine (9) participants a VISA prepaid gift card with a preloaded value of either $250 (2 available), $100 (3 available) or $50 (4 available). By offering an entry into the giveaway in exchange for survey participation by the respondent, Novatti confirms that this satisfies the primary benefit of the business being carried out, in accordance with VCFLR requirements.

Further to these requirements set out by the VCFLR, the email addresses of eligible respondents will be drawn at random by Novatti representatives to fulfil the quota of nine winners on the date of 17th December 2021. The winning respondents will be contacted with the details of their prize via email by a Novatti representative on the day of the draw. It will be the responsibility of the winning respondent to provide Novatti with adequate information (such as a name and postal address) in order to receive their prize.

Novatti confirms it is liable for domestic postage costs (if any) incurred in issuing the prize to the winning respondent. The prize will be issued to the winning respondent within 28 days of the draw being conducted.

Should Novatti receive no response from a winning respondent 28 days after the draw, then a redraw will be conducted, with a replacement winning respondent chosen.

Where the prize advertised is unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of Novatti, and reasonable attempts were made to reach an agreement with the winning respondent that were unsuccessful, then Novatti must substitute the prize for something of equal or greater value of the original prize.

Information pertaining to the winning respondents (i.e: postal information collected in the course of issuing a prize), will be kept on file for three (3) years after the finalization of the giveaway. This information will be subject to Novatti’s privacy policy and securely stored.

For more information regarding the laws and your rights surrounding giveaways, please visit:


Novatti has implemented technology and security policies, rules, and measure to protect the personal information that Novatti has under direct control. However, you should be aware that there are risks in transmitting information across the internet.

Once any personal information comes into Novatti’s possession, reasonable steps are taken to protect that information from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. If you are concerned about conveying sensitive material you may contact Novatti directly regarding this matter, or the hosting platform Survey Monkey.

Novatti will remove personal information from our system where it is no longer required (except where archiving is required.)

Acceptance of risk and release from liability

You are wholly responsible for your participation on the site and in the survey and you use the site at your own risk.

You acknowledge that Novatti is not responsible for, and accept no liability in relation to, your use of the site, your conduct in connection with the site, or your participation in the survey (whether online or offline) in any circumstance.

You are solely responsible for content that you transmit via the survey. Novatti disclaims all liability with respect to any content transmitted on the site or provided in any survey.

You agree to indemnify Novatti for any loss, damage, cost, or expense that Novatti may suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with your use of or conduct in connection with the site or any survey, including any breach by you of the terms.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Novatti excludes all implied representations and warranties which might apply in relation to your use of the site.

In no circumstances will we be liable for any indirect, punitive, or consequential loss or damages, loss of income, profits, goodwill, data, contracts, use of money, or loss or damages arising from or in any way connected to business interruption of any type, whether in Novatti’s total liability to you in connection with your use of the site or participation in any survey shall be limited to $100AUD.

Intellectual property

The Novatti brand and survey are protected by Australian and International copyright and other intellectual property laws. You may use material from the survey for your personal, non-commercial use only. You must obtain Novatti’s express written permission to reproduce any part of the survey or other intellectual property owned by Novatti or to create a link to the site.

Third-party links

This survey may contain third party advertisements and links to third party sites. Access to any other Internet site linked to this survey is at your own risk and Novatti accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information, data, opinions, advice, or statements made in any third-party advertisements or on any third-party sites.

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