Novatti Share Purchase Plan

The Novatti SPP allows Eligible Shareholders the opportunity to subscribe for up to $30,000 worth of New Shares without paying brokerage or other transaction costs. The New Shares will be issued under the SPP at the Offer Price of $0.06 per New Share. The Company is seeking to raise up to $2 million under the SPP. Eligible Shareholders are also entitled to apply for one free attaching option for every two New Shares subscribed for under the SPP via the SPP Option Offer. The Options will be exercisable at $0.095, expiring on 31 January 2027.  Funds raised under the Capital Raising after costs will be applied to additional collateral for growing Novatti’s Payments Solutions division and working capital. 

Latest Quarterly Investor Briefing

On 31 January 2024, Novatti Group (ASX: NOV) CEO Mark Healy provided an investor update covering the Company’s quarterly results, as well as answering questions from attendees.

SPP Key Highlights

Price – Shares are offered under the SPP at an Issue Price of $0.06 per SPP Share, which represents a 26% discount to the 5-day VWAP for the last 5 days of trading prior to the announcement of the SPP on 2 January 2024 ($0.081).

Eligible Shareholders – Participation in the SPP is optional and is available exclusively to Shareholders who are registered holders of Shares at the Record Date with a registered address in Australia or New Zealand provided that such Shareholder is not in the United States, or acting for the account or benefit of a person in the United States 

Offer Period – The SPP opens on Monday, 5 February 2024, and is expected to close at 5.00pm (Sydney, Australia time) on Tuesday, 27 February 2024.

Options – Eligible Shareholders are also entitled to apply for one free attaching option (Option) for every two New Shares subscribed for under the SPP via the SPP Option Offer. The Options will be exercisable at $0.095 (9.5 cents), expiring on 31 January 2027. The Company will apply for quotation of the Options on ASX, subject to the Options meeting the requirements of the Listing Rules and the Corporations Act. The SPP Option Offer is being made under the Prospectus that is being made available to Eligible Shareholders. 

SPP Record Date (7.00pm) 29 December 2023
Capital raising announced to ASX 2 January 2024
Issue of Tranche 1 Convertible Notes 8 January 2024
SPP Offer Booklet lodged with ASX
Options Prospectus lodged with ASIC and ASX
Opening Date of SPP Offer and SPP Option Offer
Letters sent to Eligible Shareholders
5 February 2024
General Meeting to approve the issue of Tranche
2 Convertible Notes, SPP Shares and Options, and
Noteholder Options
14 February 2024
Issue of Tranche 2 Convertible Notes 15 February 2024
Closing Date of SPP Offer and SPP Option Offer (5.00pm) 27 February 2024
Announcement of results of SPP 29 February 2024
Issue and trading of Shares under SPP
(other than SPP Shortfall Shares, if any)
4 March 2024
Allotment of Options under SPP (other than in connection
with the SPP Shortfall Offer, if any) and to Noteholders
4 March February 2024

How to Access Your SPP Application Form

(1) Select Single Access Holding (or Log into Automic if you have an existing account)

(2) Enter ‘Novatti Group Limited’ as the Company name

(3) Enter your HIN/SRN, ensuring it is X +10 digits, add 0s after X if needed

(4) Verify your postcode that is linked with your HIN

(5) Select ‘Documents and Statements’

(6) Then select ‘Other Documents’ on the left

(7) Click the Download button next to Share Purchase Plan to access your form with further payment instructions

Shareholder Services

Any questions concerning the Offers should be directed to Automic Registry Services, the Company’s share registry, from 8.30am to 7.00pm AEDT Monday to Friday by contacting either of the following:

1300 288 664
(toll free within Australia) or +61 2 9698 5414 (International).


When accessing information online or phoning Automic, please have your Security Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN). You can find this number on your most recent holding statement, or share certificate.

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